Body Detoxification – How to Pass Drug Test

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Can You Beat Breath Alcohol Test?

Alcohol is a commonly used drug. It affects the neurological system by sending out neurotransmitters. Alcohol intoxication affects the judgment and rationalization capacity of an individual. This may adversely affect day to day activities like driving, working or any social activity.


Best Body Detoxification Products – Intake of a combination of alcohol and other drugs like cannabis can be potentially fatal for the person. Any type of employment screening includes a test for alcohol and in some cases, other drugs too.
Alcohol testing can be done by urine, blood sample or by testing breath of an individual. Breath alcohol test is done by a device named breathalyzer. A breathalyzer device measures the amount of alcohol in the air you breathe out. The test can be performed in many ways. The individual is asked to blow up a balloon and then release the air in a specialized gas tube. In other method, the individual directly blows into the tube of the device. Results are obtained immediately as an indicator on the device.

Breathalyzer pass test

Body Detoxification – There are various tricks on the internet which claim that you can breathalyzer pass test. Efficiency of these tips varies. Some of the tips include sucking on a penny before the test or using a mouth freshener mint. They are said to mask the alcohol in your breath and help you pass the test. Their efficacy is a query and there is always a chance of failing the breathalyzer test.
Amongst some proven products that can help you to clear the test is a good quality mouth wash. The SUPREME KLEAN DETOX MOUTH WASH is one of our most effective products which cleanse your mouth of any leftover drug residue.

Body detoxification

If you plan to go in for a complete body detoxification routine, you can be sure to pass the test. Our SUPREME KLEAN TOTAL BODY CLEANSER product helps in the removal of toxins of drugs like alcohol, cannabinoids and others from your body. We also offer one Supreme Klean product free on the purchase of two of our products.

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